Ah, such is life.

I suppose knocking around the world for over 35 years firstly in the Merchant Navy and later mostly inEast Africa imbues one with a sense of the ridiculous. Ridiculous and funny, and funny stuff is what I write. I’ve run scuba diving trips in the Indian Ocean, sold books door to door inEngland, dug deep bore holes in the African bush, and earned $35 a night growling out jazz inNew Orleans. Managed a Vineyard inCornwall, been shot at in Somalia, run Safaris in African game reserves, tried plumbing in Wales and apart from being shot at, enjoyed every minute of it. I’m sixty six odd now and have been writing humorous short stories for years, mostly for my own benefit and now with no compunction to ever board another airplane or ship, see another exotic beach I’ve written a couple of books  and list within these immortal web pages a summery of short stories that are for sale to any bugger that’s interested